Atlantic Kayak Association
2003 Trip Reports & Pictures

August 09/10, 2003 - Deer Island
We had six out for a very good weekend on Deer Island.  The weather was perfect on Saturday, lots of sunshine and calm breezes.  We didn't get to see a whale, but we did see plenty of dolphins, some seals, eagles and other sea birds.  The drive, the ferry ride, the sight-seeing, the campsite and the paddling were all excellent.
ReflectionsGerry and his DiamonteRuth Mary and Gerry
Heading to the island
SamTerry, Don and Ruth MaryRuth Mary and Deer Island CavesPaddling into the sunset

August 13, 2003 - Buctouche
Five paddlers showed up for an evening's paddle to the dunes.  It was looking good, but an unforecast thunder and lightening storm cut short our paddle.
A beautiful cold-front heralded the oncoming storm.

August 20, 2003 - Aboiteau Beach
We had a pleasant paddle at Aboiteau Beach on Wednesday.  The Strait was very calm and the water and air were very warm.  A few locals, Kilby, Jim, Terry, Andre, Gerry, Charlene and Don added a few more kilometers to our kayaking log for 2003.  Most of us got together for some wings and brews afterwards!
Terry checking out the cliffs, caves and coast.Don mugging for the cameraFlotilla
Charlene and her SealoutionAndre and KilbyAndre and his Boat-in-a-Bag
Kilby paddling off into the sunset.

August 23-24, 2003 - Grand Lake
Waves over a meter and winds gusting to 40kph was too much like work.  Four of us showed up for a short paddle.
Too much like work.