Atlantic Kayak Association
2003 Trip Reports & Pictures

October 12, 2003 - Little Buctouche River
Kilby, Don and myself had a relaxing paddle up the creek, with a paddle.  The winds were light, and the temperature soared to about 25C. 
Autumn in the Maritimes.
Don enjoying the coloursKilby - reach out and touch the coloursDon and Kilby - Can't get much better than this

October 25, 2003 - Barn Marsh Island
Don & Gerry decided that, due to the super high tides at Cape Enrage (almost 3 meters higher than normal), and the relatively mild forecast, a final paddle of the regular season was in order.  We put in around 11:30, and circumnavigated Barn Marsh Island (in about 3.5 hours - 14km).

With the breeze at our backs, it was an easy paddle for the first half of the trip.  Autumn colours, and a small family of Great Blue Herons kept us company.  Peak speeds were reached when we were exiting the marsh - my GPS clocked speeds of 12.9kph - flat water, but really flying.

The second part of the paddle turned out to be more work than anticipated.  The weather forecast was 10kph winds from the West - it turned out to be 30kph winds from the South - right in our faces.  This necessitated sticking really close to the shore, letting the cliffs block most of the wind.  I said most of it, because the last 1/2km back to the cars was fully exposed, and to say the least, exhilarating.
Composite of 3 images of Barn Marsh Creek
Don paddling in BM CreekExposed side of Cape Enrage