Atlantic Kayak Association
2004 Trip Reports & Pictures

June 5 - Alma / Fundy Park
Six of us braved the mighty Bay of Fundy.  The image was taken during a rest-stop in Herring Cove in Fundy Park.  the weatherman was half-right with his forecast, it was sunny, but the winds were approaching 20kph in the exposed areas.  Fortunately they hadn't had time to build any appreciable waves.  Total distance was 10-14km (some were more adventurous).

June 9 - Circumnavigate Shediac Island
Eight of us turned out for tonight's 11.4km paddle.  It was a breezy start with the winds and waves hitting us broadside for about 2km.  Fortunately it was not too much, nor too far.  Once we got to the end of the island, it was an easy coast with the wind at our backs on the sheltered side of the island for the next 5km.  By the time we came out into the wind and waves again, they had died to about half their former self.  The sun was getting low in the sky when we returned to out put-in point, marking the end of a great paddle.

June 16th - Cassie Cape
Beautiful evening.  We started out towards Cocagne Island from Caissie Cape.  There was a brisk wind in our face till we reached the island.   The sun was still high so we decided to proceed to the northerly point of the island.  There was the skeleton of a small grey seal on the sandstone shelves surrounding the cove there.  After a brief rest we returned to our vehicles. 

The wind and sea were in our favour.  Another spectacular sunset.