Atlantic Kayak Association
2004 Trip Reports & Pictures

September 01 – Cassie Cape
While it was overcast and raining in Moncton, it was sunny (and windy) in Cassie Cape.  Seven (including a long-lost Charlene) showed up for a fun paddle, not far, less than 7km, but there were plenty of opportunities to surf.  As the sun moved towards the horizon, some practiced rolls, and bracing, or just practiced with their new boat.
Don rolling - Really!
Jim & Gerard, Bruce, Jim, Charlene

September 8 – Shediac Island
While it may have been a wet evening in Moncton, it was a gorgeous evening in Shediac.

Not a good night for sailing – virtually no wind; true flat-water paddling. Five of us showed up for a truly relaxing paddle around the island, 11.8km, in just over 2-hours, arriving back at the starting point just after sunset.  There was a large flock of cormorants on the far-side of Shediac Island that weren’t thrilled to see us, but we made our passage swift.
Don, Kilby, Bruce & JimBruce & KilbyJim

September 12 – Kouchibouguac Grey Seal Hunt
There we were, surrounded – they were popping up on all sides, but preferred the rear ambush.  You could hear them breathing over your shoulder, waiting for them to attack.  But I was ready for them, with my Olympus C-5060 loaded with 300Meg of RAM, I let loose, and fired off 67Meg of images and videos.   OK, I've see too many westerns.

Six of us showed up for the hunt, to clear blue skies, and a “fresh” breeze.  It was a 14.5km paddle, lasting just under 4 hours.  How many seals were there, at least 50.  How close were they, less than a boat-length; I drifted past one bull no more than 6 feet away.
Kilby & BruceCormorants in flightSeals - a whole herd of them
Bull Seal - at 109mmOf course I've herd of sealsRodney and beached sealsJoylane and friend

September 26 - Buctouche River from Sainte Marie de Kent to Buctouche
Seven showed up for this little outing.  14-kilometers, down-hill, with the wind behind us.  It was a rather rapid ride; we did it in 2 hours.  Fortunately, there was a bit of a current, not much, but probably enough to boost our speed by 1kph – winds were also not a factor.
GerardAnd you think a 3-car garage is excessive!Gerard & Rodney
Rodney - check out the water sheeting off the paddleJim and Bruce - Le Pays de la Sagouine