Atlantic Kayak Association
2006 Trip Reports & Pictures

January to April 2006
Well, if this is the result of Global Warming, it has it's benefits. 
We've had a fantastic Winter and Spring, temperature wise, and have been able to get out every month.
While the water temperatures may not be "tropical", the air temperatures have been most acceptable.

We've made it to the Hopewell Rocks a number of times (being the Bay of Fundy, the water never freezes over), Shediac Island a couple of times, the Canaan River, and also down towards The Bridge at Murray Corner.

Gerry at Hopewell Rocks - March 12Don at Hopewell Rocks - March 12Don at Murray Corner, April 12 - Confederation Bridge in the backgroundDon and Jim's new boats,  April 23 - Shediac Island
Kilby,  April 23 - Shediac IslandGerry,  April 23 - Shediac IslandClub Members,  April 23 - Shediac Island

May 14 2006 - Grindstone Island
Three of us did a paddle from the gates at the end of the Shepody River out to Grindstone Island
It was a beautiful paddle with beautiful weather, and with an extended high-tide, we had enough time to do some exploring.
It was a paddle of about 15km, and at one point I figure we were fighting a 6km current and unstable waters, on the way back - fortunately after about 10 minutes we were ahead of it - then out of it.  But it really sucked the energy levels.

Put-in Point
Grindstone Island LightGrindstone Island LightLanding spotSeagull chick breaking free
Seagull nestLeaving Grindstone IslandEast side of Grindstone Island