Atlantic Kayak Association
2006 Trip Reports & Pictures

Sept 03 - Petit Cap
Well, as is typical for a long weekend, we had a rather low turnout, with only three showing up for the 12.4km paddle.  Not a perfectly flat day, but not much in the way of waves either.
Bernard and BruceOK, it's my boat again

Sept 06 - Shediac Island
Our last Wednesday evening paddle for the season.  Four turned out for this one, and as luck would have it, it was the four strongest, not that strength was needed, but we paddled at an average speed of about 6kph, and made the trip in two hours.  Credit must be given to the swarms of mosquitoes which attacked whenever we slowed down though.  Beautiful and dramatic sunset though.
Don and CormarentsDonHome!

Sept 09 - Richibucto - Kouchibouguac Grey Seal Adventure
We had seven turn out for this 14km paddle, and probably a couple of hundred seals, at least.  Great weather, and nobody went home disappointed.

Sept 17 - Buctouche Dunes - South End, Saint Thomas-de-Kent
Well, not one of our larger turnouts.  Perhaps itís late in the season, but the weather was warm, with a light breeze, and relatively calm waters.  I just did an 11km paddle and harassed the cormorants and gulls, which seemed to be congregating on the sandbars at the low tide.  It was one of those low-stress paddles.

Sept 19 - Richibucto - Kouchibouguac Grey Seal Adventure
A few of us actually went back to see the seals again.  While the weather and seas were somewhat rougher, we did find them. 
The attached video is 3.75 meg in size.

Sept 30 Ė Shediac Island
While this wasnít the planned paddle, the tide was lower than expected, so we decided against heading up the Brook.  It was also somewhat windy, so while we had an easy coast in one direction, we paid for it coming home.
Don and BruceDon and Bruce - we're not always in the boats.