Atlantic Kayak Association
2007 Trip Reports & Pictures

August 01 - Aboiteau Wharf
Once again, we had 11 turn up for our Wednesday evening paddle (one got lost).  We paddled in the opposite direction this time from normal, because we could!  It was a relaxing paddle, with some people rolling, some paddling hard, some trying new boats and some just paddling.

August 4/5/6 - Grand Manan
We had a great weekend for paddling, not so great for sleeping, but great for paddling.
Grand Manan is a destination that is different from any other in the Maritimes. 
The water is clear and cold, and tides of 6-meters provide lots of shoreline to explore.
Due to space restrictions, I've only included a few pictures here.  For more pictures, check out this link.

Southwest HeadMonday's paddle from Seal Cove to Southwest HeadHole-in-the-Wall Gang

August 11 - Hopewell Rocks
We had 9 paddlers turn out for this excursion.  While not a long paddle at 5.6km, it is a different one.

Germaine & Semi-palmated SandpipersCharles & Semi-palmated SandpipersSemi-palmated Sandpipers

August 15 - Aboiteau Wharf
Moncton got hit with weather (rain and wind) at decision time, so most of us passed on this paddle.  Those living on the shore itself had a very nice paddle from Aboiteau wharf tonight. The Strait was surprisingly calm and we managed to avoid any rain. The food afterward was excellent.

August 19 - Buctouche Dunes - North End - Saint Edouard de Kent
Due to relatively strong winds coming from the WNW, we decided to paddle North and have the wind behind us coming home, rather than south.  We paddled to Cote-Sainte-Anne and back, a distance of about 12km (2.5 hours), arriving home dry in spite of the menacing skies all around.

Cote-Sainte-AnneCote-Sainte-AnneOK, let's get moving.Faster!

August 22 - Buctouche Dunes (inside the dunes)
We had 11 out for tonight's paddle.  Most continued to the point of the dune, I cut my paddle short.


Aug 26 - Hopewell Rocks & Bateman's Brook
Seven of us drove down to The Rocks, but while the wind was calm in Moncton, it was blowing up to 30kph at The Rocks.  We split into two groups, those confident enough to take-on Mother Nature, and those looking for a relaxing paddle.

August 29 - Aboiteau Wharf
Great paddle, great people to paddle with.  Sorry, I didn't take my camera.
The Force was with us as Don brought out his Impex Force Cat 3, 4 & 5 boats.  Nice boats, and fast!