Atlantic Kayak Association
2007 Trip Reports & Pictures

June 03 - Sunday - Buctouche Dunes - South End
Good start to the summer paddling season.  There were 5 of us out this time, three singles and a tandem.
It was a touch cold, and while the water is advertised as the "warmest water north of Virginia", they're not there yet.


June 06 - Wed - Cassie Cape
Three showed up again for the first Wednesday paddle of the 2007 Paddling Season.
The wind was from the west, which meant no waves, and easy paddling - even the water felt reasonably warm (warm enough for Don to do the first roll of the season in his new boat).  We paddled over to Cocagne Island, and enroute  passed over an area absolutely full of Moon Jellyfish, I've never seen such a concentration of them.  Over on Cocagne island, when we were paddling by, there were a couple of red fox kits playing around a hummock of land, possibly their burrow.  Just running around and around.
The wind dropped and switched around from the North, which was a nice boost back to the cars.

June 10 - Sun - Petit Cap
Eight people showed up for today's paddle (7 boats).

June 17 - Sun - Circumnavigate Cocagne Island
Five showed up for this Father's Day paddle (12.3km).
While it was a windy day, the wind was from the South-South-West, which based on the orientation of the Island, left us sheltered on the windward side, and with the wind on our rear quarter and back for the return half (surf's up dude).  Perfect day for a paddle!