Atlantic Kayak Association
2008 Trip Reports & Pictures

August 2/3/4 - Grand Manan
Didn't paddle Monday, but we had a couple of days of flat-water fog-paddling. We all went over Friday afternoon.
It was my brother and I, and Marc & Paulette Bourgeois.
It rained Friday night.

On Saturday we did the paddle from Seal Cove to Southern Head. It was almost white-cane paddling with thick fog. The difference this time is that it was high-tide - totally different, that huge sand beach where we had lunch last year was completely covered. It was foggy and rained Saturday night so there was no fireworks.

On Sunday I had wanted to paddle from the White Head Island ferry at Ingles Head to White Island, but the fog was in again and visibility was such that we went to Plan "B". We planned a paddle from Whale Cove to North Head, so positioned cars for the one-way paddle. Again it was glass calm, so we tooled along on the way there exploring all the little coves on a rising tide, but it was less than 6km and after a lunch stop the fog had risen significantly. We decided to head back, more directly. Once we got to Whale Cove, it was completely clear, and calm, so we headed directly across the mouth of the cove to Ashburton Head on the other side. We saw birds, seals and a Minke Whale - first whale in the wild for the others, so they were stoked. I showed them the rip-tide that is a favorite of Kilby (which we avoided), and we had an easy paddle along the wall back to the put-in point.

We went to the Grand Manan Rotary Club BBQ at The Anchorage and as we were walking back to the tent/cars after the meal, it poured rain. It rained off-and-on all evening (with T-Showers) and night, so no fireworks Sunday night either.

Marc and Paulette decided they were going to tour and hike Monday, my brother and I decided to head home early. We did a bit of exploring, and went to your favorite beach where we watched a couple of dulse boats being winched up over the rocks. We caught the 11:30am boat across, and for the most part couldn't see the water from the rail, but there was a period of time when it was visible, and it was glass calm. It rained and misted all the way home, I need a new wiper blade.


Black GuillemotsLunchSwallowtail LightLunchStorm ComingCar deck of the Grand Manan V

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August 6 - Shediac Island => Shediac River
We seem to be plagued with less-than-ideal weather lately, and rather than being caught out in the Straits by another rain storm, the decision was made to paddle the river.

August 13 - Aboiteau Wharf
Interesting what 14 days of rain can do to get kayakers out.  We had 19 show for tonight's little paddle.

August 17 - Buctouche Dunes - North End - Saint Edouard de Kent
Well, it was a good plan anyway, but only two showed up for the paddle.

August 20 - Buctouche Dunes (inside the dunes) and BBQ
We had only seven turn out for this paddle.  The weather was cool and heavy cloud cover - it looked like it could rain but none was forecast, and none did.  We decided to paddle from the put-in point on the Little Buctouche River over to Le Pays de la Sagouine on the Buctouche River.

Le Pays de la Sagouine in Bouctouche is a private island which preserves the Acadian culture and heritage. Currently in its 14th season, enjoy its authentic Acadian village, theatre, restaurants, gift shops and comedy. The main show is L’Odyssée: le grand dérangement, a play from the renowned Acadian playwright and author, Antonine Maillet.

Following the paddle and brilliant sunset, we adjourned to Kilby's house for a BBQ.

August 23 - Kouchibouguac Grey Seal Adventure
It was hot!  It was sunny!  There was a light wind blowing!  What more could you ask for!
We had 13 show up for this paddle (not counting seals).

They'd take a peek then disappear in a splash.Roll Demo - Part 1Roll Demo - Parts 2-5No, this is not an ad for Impex

August 27 - Aboiteau Wharf
It was a blustery day, but by the time the six of us hit the water this evening, the winds were down to about 15kph.
The waves however were another issue, with 1-meter waves being normal, and sometimes with confused waves coming from different directions.  Nobody tipped, nor had any real problems - it was somewhat exciting.

August 31 - Wolfe Point to Alma
Well that was the plan anyway - Mother Nature had other ideas in mind.
Rather than the forecast winds from the WNW, they came from the ENE, which would have been right in our face for all 14km of the paddle.  We also had a severe thunder storm, coupled with heavy rain and hail.  Fortunately we were sitting in our vehicles, waiting for it to blow over.  After an hour we gave up and headed home.