Atlantic Kayak Association
2008 Trip Reports & Pictures

July 1 - Hopewell Rocks
This was an unscheduled paddle, because we can!  While the skies were clear and hot, it was windy and had some serious waves.  The sea was rough at the Rocks.  Several paddlers practiced their half rolls.  Some of them were upside down more than half a dozen times.  Kept Martin, Kilby and I very busy.  14 paddlers showed up.  We managed to get them all home safely.  I think they have greater respect for the sea today and they realize the benefit of paddling in a group.

The attached photos were taken in the shelter of the rocks when the sea had calmed substantially.

July 02 - Aboiteau Wharf
We had seven turn out for this paddle, which considering the previous day's adventure, was pretty good.  What started as a nice paddle in a light wind, turned into work when the wind turned and came off-shore.

July 05 - Circumnavigate Cocagne Island
We had seven turn out for this paddle.

July 09 - Bouctouche Dunes - North End
It's been hot, very hot, so while it was windy, we decided to paddle anyway and fortunately the Dunes blocked most of the wind.


July 13 - Petit Cap
It was windy, but five of us did a shortened paddle anyway.

July 16 - Aboiteau Wharf
Sure beats the heat of the city.  We had a dozen turn out for tonight's paddle.

July 19 - Five Islands Provincial Park, Nova Scotia
You missed a good one. 
Only three turned out for this paddle, and Mother Nature came through with another beautiful day.
We paddled the same route as last year, and since we had a small group, we had time to spare and paddled around two of the Five Islands.
(I didn't notice the water drop on my lens - sorry.)
The actual Five Islands

LunchIsland #2
More pictures can be viewed at
Five Islands

July 23 - Bourgeois / Caissie Cape
Well, was I surprised.
I figured the weather would scare everybody away - just scary clouds.
We had 16 out for this paddle, and being a nice evening, in relatively calm waters, some tried rolls and rescues.

July 26 - Circumnavigate Shediac Island (11.5km)
We had seven turn out for this paddle.

July 30 - Aboiteau Wharf
Talk about calm water!