Atlantic Kayak Association
2008 Trip Reports & Pictures

Sept 03 - Circumnavigate Shediac Island
The weather was not "prime" for this last of our Wednesday evening paddles of the season, but with all the wind and rain we've been having this season, we're getting a bit desperate.  Fourteen showed up for this paddle.  The paddle out the river, while calm was a bit damp with a NE mist over us.  Once we got to the inner bay, the wind and waves picked up a bit, but still nothing to be concerned about.  It was more calm on the far side of the Island with wave hitting you on the side.  There were cresting waves on the point on the rocky south point.  I was afraid we might have someone go over but everyone made it around dry.  The wind was behind us on the south shore. From the shallows to Scull Island was quite pleasant. The wind hit us between Scull Island and the River but with a little less power.

Sept 14 - Alma
Six turned out for this paddle. The winds were light, but it was overcast and we paddled left out of Alma in the direction of Waterside, away from Fundy National Park. Nice easy paddle, but somewhat long at 14.2km. I was getting tired by the time we finished - out of shape. As usual, I took about 100 pictures, adjusted my camera for a cloudy day so the pictures have a slightly warm effect. One thing it wasn't was warm, but the water wasn't all that cold. It wasn't cold, but just about 16, with the water being about that too.

Sept 22 - Buctouche River from Saint-Marie-de-Kent
Last Paddle of Summer!
We had eight paddlers show up for this 14k paddle.  It was a cold start, but the front moved through, the temperature climbed and the sun came out.  We had a juvenile bald eagle follow us, keeping watch from different locations.

Sept 28 - Fall Colours - Shediac Bridge - Shediac River
Three people actually went out for today's paddle, fortunately Hurricane Kyle delayed it's arrival to allow for this paddle.  The only concession was to paddle the more sheltered Bateman's Brook than the wider, more open Shediac River.