Atlantic Kayak Association
2009 Trip Reports & Pictures

June 3 - Aboiteau Wharf
Talk about nice weather.  We had eight turn out for tonight's paddle, old and new, and it was the sort of night where it was almost too nice to paddle.

June 7 - Cassie Cape
We had six turn out for this 11km paddle.  A bit breezy one-way, but we had it pretty much behind us for the return trip.

June 14 - Shediac River
We had planned on doing Shediac Island, but the winds were coming from the NE, gusting pretty good, filling the bay with white caps, so we took the easy way out and did a 12K paddle up the river instead.  We had 11 do the full paddle, and two late joiners that didn't do the full paddle.

June 17 - Buctouche Dunes from St Thomas
We had a full Baker's Dozen out tonight for the paddle.  Another one of those near-perfect evenings that ended up with an impromptu BBQ at one of our members houses (that lives in the area).

June 20 - Hopewell Rocks
In spite of the gloom and doom forecast, it was a surprisingly nice morning at the Hopewell Rocks.  The Bay was very calm.  It was warm and sunny for most of the paddle. It was so nice we actually paddled to the mouth of the Petitcodiac.  Five made it out for the paddle.

June 27 - Cocagne Island
It was a great outing and the weather was excellent.  Five left Cormierville at 2:00p.m. and we were back at the dock at 5:00 p.m.