Atlantic Kayak Association
2009 Trip Reports & Pictures

May 9 - Hopewell Rocks
Five turned out for this paddle, but as is typical for this area, the winds and forecasters disagreed.  With the winds coming from the south, there was concern by one couple without a skirt on their open double.  With waves of 20-40cm, they decided to head for the Shediac River.  The other three of us, in our single kayaks proceeded amongst the passageways and crannies of the Rocks.

I did remember my camera, but forgot the clip to connect it to my PFD and didn't want to risk losing it. 
Marc Thibodeau remembered his.

May 20 - Skull Island / Shediac Island
Six of us showed up for this unscheduled paddle, three just looped around Skull Island, the youngins' paddled around the entire Shediac Island.  Sorry, forgot my GPS, so I drew it after the fact.

May 23 - Aboiteau Wharf
Maybe it was the fact that it was a weekend with no rain in the forecast and everybody was mowing lawns, but only three showed up for this paddle.  We paddled about 8.5km, round trip and pretty much had the entire Northumberland Straits to ourselves.  Unfortunately the South-East winds meant that we couldn't safely approach the cliff faces, but it was nice to get out just the same.

May 31 - Buctouche Dunes - North End
12 showed up for the last paddle of the month, and while the sun shone there was a bit of a breeze.  Four of us stopped at 6.5km, the other eight decided to try and paddle to the next point, not realizing that distances over water are deceiving.  We were tired at 13km, and glad we didn't have to paddle an additional four or more kilometers.