Atlantic Kayak Association
2009 Trip Reports & Pictures

Sept 02 - Circumnavigate Shediac Island
We had eleven show up for this last Wednesday evening paddle of the season (not including the mosquitoes that joined us when we were loading up after the paddle).  It would have been nice to have a paddle without the wind, but with mid-summer temperatures (until the sun went down) it makes for a refreshing paddle.  Our average speed has picked up, and the 12k paddle took us about 2-hours - not bad at all considering there was no hurry.

Sept 05 - Wolfe Point, Fundy National Park
Just two of us - fantastic weather, fantastic paddle. Only say one dolphin - probably about 20 feet away. Unfortunately, he was feeding, not playing, so the picture I got is just of the back and dorsal fin. Startled a cormorant, and got some fair shots of a Surf Scoter - a basic black duck with white patches. Also played in one of the waterfalls that was close enough to the water's edge for me to get the bow of the boat in it.

One startled CormorantSurf ScoterDolphin

Sept 06 - Shediac River
OK, we were supposed to do Cocagne Island, but with 25k winds blowing from the north we decided to play it lazy rather than wet and wild (a 7k paddle into a 25k wind is not fun).  Six of us did a 14Km paddle up the Shediac River.

Sept 13 - Kouchibouguac Grey Seal Adventure
We once again introduced paddlers to the marine life in NB.
We had only six turn out for the paddle, which while a bit windy wasn't by any means cold.

Sept 19/20 - Grand Manan
Our trip to Grand Manan went very well.  We had 13 paddlers in our group.
A few Humpbacks put on a show for us on the way over to the island.  They were rolling and breaching for more than 15 minutes.
We were not able to kayak on Friday or Saturday because of the high winds, so we toured the island and hiked the Hole in the Wall Saturday.  Eleven of us paddled 8K on Sunday morning (Sept. 20th), from Whale Cove to the Lighthouse.
We also saw lots of seals and eagles.

Far too many pictures to show on this site, but I have the FULL set of pictures at:
Grand Manan Sept 2009