Atlantic Kayak Association
2010 Trip Reports & Pictures

July 04 - Cocagne Cape / Cocagne Island
We had a baker's-dozen turn out for this scorcher of a day, but it was a nice paddle in near ideal conditions.

July 07 - Bourgeois / Caissie Cape to Shediac Island
Big turnout for another hot day - 15 turned out for this 10km paddle.

July 15 - Aboiteau Wharf
It was a great evening for a paddle, sunny and 24 degrees with a light
breeze. Nine paddles made it out for this rescheduled paddle. The scallops
and beer were excellent and no-one lost their keys.

July 17 - Petit Cap
There were 7 kayaks, the weather was excellent and it was a great outing. We as well had a great swim.

July 24 - Five Islands
Twelve of my friends joined me for this roughly 16k paddle under a warm sunny sky.  The only change in plans occurred at our usual lunch spot.  Somehow a skunk had gotten there first, and we weren't in the mood to share, so we went to an alternate site.

The full collection of my pictures for this paddle can be seen here.

July 28 - Aboiteau Wharf
17 paddlers got out to brave the elements.  We were surprised to find that there was no surf and very little wind (considering the fact that it was blowing at 35, gusting to 50 in Moncton).  So we paddled toward Shediac for about 5 kms, turned around and let the breeze push us home.  It was a very nice paddle.  Unfortunately, our favourite restaurant was packed with a line-up to the door… so we headed to Cap Pele and had some not quite as good seafood.

July 31 - Circumnavigate Shediac Island
We had a large turnout again today, 19 paddlers.  It was a cloudy, threatening sky, but nothing came of it and we had a good nearly 12k paddle.