Atlantic Kayak Association
2010 Trip Reports & Pictures

August 6 - Cape Tormentine to The Confederation Bridge and the Cape Jourimain dunes
12 people turned out for this 11.6 km paddle.  Well, it didn't rain, but there was a 20kph wind blowing in our faces for the return trip.  The fact that most people battled the current didn't help either.

August 13 - Five Islands, NS
A beautiful sunny day, if a tad windy. 
We had 13 out for this paddle, and with the exception of the put-in/take-out, it was a great paddle.

Link to the Image Database
There's 37 pictures here.

August 17 - Bourgeois / Caissie Cape
We had a thirteen people turn out for this 10K paddle, more if you include the mosquitoes at the rest-stop.

Aug 19/20 - Campobello Island
Wish I could have gone, here's a couple of trip reports from those that did.
"We went out 4 times and covered some different areas.  I wish you had been there Sat morning because the fog was in and out.  It was so beautiful I could have cried!  We have to go again next year.  We also found an area with cottages that hold six people and there is a grassy slope to the beach. "
"They paddled up close and personal with a very large basking shark."

Here are some photos Don took from his trip there.

Here's a link to the location of some taken on the 19/20 by Dianne Cyr.

August 24 - Shediac Bridge
We had 9 turn out for this 10k paddle.  We had initially planned on paddling around Shediac Island, but the winds dictated otherwise, so we paddled along the west-coast of the Bay until we could get the wind and waves behind us for the return trip.

August 27 - Kouchibouguac Grey Seal Adventure
We had 22 paddlers show up for this almost 15k round-trip paddle out the Kouchibouguacis River to the dunes and seals.  While there may be thousands of seals out there somewhere, we had less than 50.


August 31 - Aboiteau Wharf
We had 14 paddlers out for this last Wednesday evening of the season paddle - 9km.  The sun set, the mosquitoes came out - what can I say!