Atlantic Kayak Association
2011 Trip Reports & Pictures

July 06 - Shediac Island
We had a baker's dozen turn out for this 11.7km paddle.  Because we were paddling around the island we had head-winds, cross-winds and tail-winds.  Fortunately they didn't exceed 20kph so it was a good paddle.

July 09 - Confederation Bridge
Five determined paddlers turned out to paddle alongside the Confederation bridge to PEI yesterday evening. We arrived around 4:30pm. The Strait wasn't very inviting... big waves, a moderate breeze and steady rain. After some deliberation, we decided to give it a go. As it turned out, the rain was not a factor. There was hardly a breeze. It rained a little, but not much. For the first two third of the trip, till 30 minutes after high tide, the swells/ waves were over a meter high and the current drawing us to the bridge, on our left, was moderate.

The last third of our trip... there was a very dark cloud moving towards us from the NW. It looked like trouble. We got a little rain, but nothing more. The wind died completely, the waves subsided and we continued on our merry way. The current, however, got stronger and stronger as we approached PEI. The last few kilometers were difficult as we struggled to make the mouth of the harbour, a kilometer east of the bridge.
But we survived...


These four photos were taken after the waves had subside and before the current took hold,
5 kms from PEI.

July 10 - Cape Tormentine to The Confederation Bridge
Well, the best laid plans.
Nine paddlers turned out for this sunny paddle, however, my Kestrel wind meter showed steady winds of 40kph, gusting to 50kph, right onto the beach.  Unfortunately Environment Canada didn't issue their strong wind warning till 10am, and even they were light in their prediction.
Needless to say, we headed home dry.

July 13 - Aboiteau Wharf
It was another windy night at Aboiteau. Big wind and big waves. We played at the mouth of the harbour and decided to try to paddle up the river. The tide was low, so we didnít get too far. Then a couple of us went out into the wave to play a little.  It wasnít a very satisfying paddle. I think we deserve a break in the weather. Too bumpy for photos.

July 16 - Point Wolfe to Alma
While not exactly sunny, it was neither windy nor rainy - we'll take it!
Sixteen turned out for this scenic 11.5k paddle.

The Eagle is landing

July 20 - Bourgeois / Caissie Cape
There were seven out for last night's paddle. We were given some shelter from the Southwest wind... but not much. We paddled north along Caissie Cape for 3 or 4 kms and then paddled back into a fairly brisk wind.

Getting in and out of the enclosed harbour was the highlight of the paddle.

There were big standing waves... like being in a rodeo.

July 23 - Buctouche Dunes (Saint Edouard de Kent)
We had nine turn out for this somewhat short paddle of 8.5km.  The first half of the paddle was into an 18k wind, but it was behind us for the return trip.  For me the interesting part was when the wind abruptly changed direction, and temperature.

July 28 - Aboiteau
Desperate times call for desperate measures.
Another rainy Wednesday, so we moved it to Thursday evening.

July 31 - Three Sisters, Cape Chignecto Provincial Park, Nova Scotia
Well after our Five Islands paddle became a wash-out, the sun was a welcome relief, and we had 17 paddlers out for this 8k paddle.

There's 60+ pictures here.