Atlantic Kayak Association
2011 Trip Reports & Pictures

June 4 - Shediac River
Not the best of weather, not even what was forecast at 8am.
Off-and-on mist greeted the 10 of us as we paddled up the river.

June 08 - Aboiteau Wharf
It's amazing how construction on a main highway can mess-up the departure time.
Anyway, 10 to 14 eventually showed up for the paddle.  It was a short paddle, with new members and cut short by an evil looking cloud bank.

June 11 - Buctouche Dunes - South End
Another nice paddle (once we managed to get away from the wharf).  It was interesting to see the change in the sandbar structure as a result of last falls/winters storms.
We had 10 out for this 6.5km paddle.

June 22 - Cassie Cape to Cocagne Cape
Ten turned out for this paddle.  Not a long paddle at only 8.5km, but nice to have a half-day of non-rain (and everybody was anxious to get to the BBQ).

June 26 - Shediac Island
We had 11 turn out for this 12.5km paddle.

June 29 - Robichaud Village Wharf
Not the planned location, but all we could see from the original location was a large sand-bar.
We had 12 turn out for this evening's paddle 7.3km paddle.  Once again evil looking clouds were heading our way.