Atlantic Kayak Association
2012 Trip Reports & Pictures

June 3 - Shediac Island
We had 11 turn out for this paddle.  The weather was not looking great, and the winds were blowing 20kph from the east.  We had planned on going around the island, but would have had roughly 6km with the winds and waves broadside.  The revised plan had us paddling on the leeward side of the island for the most part, with a total of 11.6km, and the sun came out making it a comfortable paddle.

June 13 - Circumnavigate Shediac Island
Third time's the charm - the winds were light enough and from the right direction to allow the 14 of us to paddle the 11.5km around the island.

June 17 - Alma Towards Waterside
Great weather.  We had six turn out for this paddle, could be that Father's Day kept people at home.  Anyway they missed seeing a couple of dolphins and five juvenile bald eagles soaring in the updrafts.  We did a 14km paddle, and finished the last couple of kilometers by moving out from shore, with the current, head-on into the wind and waves and had a bit of fun.

Juvenile Bald-Eagles

June 20 - Bourgeois / Caissie Cape to Shediac Island
We had 14 out for this relatively short 9km paddle.  Low tide situation meant that the biggest risk was running aground on a sandbar.

June 24 - Circumnavigate Cocagne Island
Although it was a pretty damp day in Moncton, we only had one one instance of mist, and towards the end of the paddle there were patches of blue sky.  Thirteen turned out for this 12.4km paddle.