Atlantic Kayak Association
2016 Trip Reports & Pictures

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July 01 - Hopewell Rocks (Unscheduled)
Eleven turned out for this paddle.  Not from our usual launch location.
When we arrived there was a steady 15 kph wind from the South and the sea appeared to be building. Soon after launching, the wind relented. It was a very nice paddle… still, too difficult for newbies.

July 06 - Shediac Bridge
It was cold and windy, but they wanted to paddle. We paddled up the coast, a few kilometers, towards Grande Digue, into the wind, and then we surfed back to the bridge. It was fun. The water felt warm.

July 12 - Cassie Cape
We had eight paddlers and 5 swimmers out last night at Caissie Cape. The weather was perfect. We could see thunderstorms with lightning moving SE-terly to the north of us.
A couple of us volunteered to paddle with a couple swimmers... task which requires much patience.

July 17 - Saint Martins
Beautiful day on the Bay of Fundy. Light winds and 20 degrees. Perfect paddling weather. This added up to an easy paddle from Saint Martins to Big Salmon River on Sunday morning.

July 24 - Batemans Brook
I'm Back!
We had seven turn out for this 12.6km paddle. The weather was with us for all but the last 2km, where we had the wind in out faces.

July 27 - Shediac Island
Well, it happened - we had good weather.
Only 5 turned out for this 11.5km paddle.  Slight wind at the start but died after a few km.