Atlantic Kayak Association
2017 Trip Reports & Pictures

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July 05 - Buctouche Dunes - Saint Thomas-de-Kent
Only 6 turned out for this paddle.  Not one of our best paddles, there was a fairly strong wind from the South-East which meant broadside waves.  But it was a paddle.

July 12 - Cassie Cape
Again, only 6 turned up, but it was a nice paddle, with light winds, for a change.

July 16 - Buctouche Dunes - Saint Edouard-de-Kent
Nice 10.5k paddle, well nice if you exclude the billion Lion's Mane Jellyfish.

July 19 - Shediac Island
Fortunately there were winds, because it was HOT!

July 23 - Five Islands
Great paddle, but aside from myself, only one person showed up, so we paddled the actual Five Islands themselves.  Windier than forecast (no surprise there) and currents to deal with.

July 29 - Cape Tormentine to the Confederation Bridge
Nice paddle, six paddlers, 10km.