Atlantic Kayak Association
2021 Trip Schedule

The schedule is a dynamic thing, with dates, times and locations changing.
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A lot of paddles are duplicated on the schedule for two reasons.
Some are fantastic paddles, alternately we may get blown out of the water if the winds are too high to be considered safe.
Paddles may be cancelled on relatively short notice - check here before heading out.

Overview Map
New Brunswick Maps
Canadian Tide Tables
Environment Canada Marine Forecast

OK, I'm going to schedule some paddles
The following link to Google Maps has a bunch of paddle starting points.

Launch Points

Using them, the weather and tides you can have a paddle.
The weather has been pretty bad so far this year, so keep that foremost in mind.

While not all of us are retired, many are so I may schedule mid-week as well.
Due to the unpredictable delays at the border crossing, I'm skipping NS for now.







May 15 - Sat


Hopewell Rocks - Historical access point
NOTE: The water will be painfully cold - maybe 4º to 7ºC.  Wetsuits or Drysuits are a necessity.

June 06 - Sun 1PM Loggiecroft (North Kouchibouguac Road) 4:45PM

June 21 - Mon


Silver Lake, Sackville (Exit 500 TCH - Walker Road) - First day of Summer
I realize it's a weekday, but the weather/tides are working against us (and I'm desperate).


Tides dictate where and when we can paddle, and weather dictates if we can paddle.
Other events may be added as the season progresses.
All current members will be advised by group email of upcoming trips and events as they draw near.