Gear & Equipment Requirements

Transport Canada Minimum Requirements:

Transport Canada has set out a set of MINIMUM equipment requirements pertaining to canoes and kayaks that should be carried with you at all times on the water in accordance with Canadian laws and regulations.

1 Canadian approved PFD (Personal Flotation Device) of the appropriate size for each person on board.

1 buoyant heaving line (Throw Bag) of not less than 15 meters in length.
North Water makes a variety of nice throw bags.

1 spare paddle per vessel. (Not a legal requirement but CERTAINLY recommended)
A 2-piece break-apart works great. Check out the Aqua Bound link below.

1 sound signaling recommendation is the Fox 40 Whistle, available at most outdoors shops.

1 Bailer or manual water pump.

Suitable lights if the craft is to be paddled before sunrise or after sunset. For canoes and kayaks a headlamp works great. Also, chemical light sticks work quite well and are very inexpensive...and look cool too!

North Water has a safety package consisting of a Paddle Float, Fox40 Whistle, Kayak Pump,  and a Small Regulation Throw Bag. Just so you have an idea on what's needed, not that the Paddle Float is needed, unless you paddle alone, far from shore.

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