Greg Hughes Trip Report, Little Salmon River, Bay of Fundy NB

Date: Sat, 3 Aug 2002 21:36:03 EDT

Hello all,
   Just got back from my trip to Little Salmon River. Put in yesterday around
11 am. Stopped at Long Beach for lunch and then paddled around Tufts Point,
past Seeley Beach and on to Little Salmon River. A curious seal followed me
most of way there. The water was dead calm the entire time I was on the
water. Come to think of it is was flat all day. I set up camp on the beach
and then hiked up the river to Walton Glen Brook and the Eye of the Needle
which is what one of the photos is of.

I woke up at 6:30 this morning to the call of a Loon and waves cresting on
>the beach. I decided to return after breakfast while the tide was heading
out. On my way back a couple of porpoises broached several times just off my
port side. The water was flat when I put in then the wind picked up and
creating small waves. Twenty minutes later the wind died and it was flat
again. I made it back to Big Salmon after 90 minutes of paddling. It must
have been a strong current.
What a trip.

Greg Hughes