Atlantic Kayak Association
2005 Trip Reports & Pictures

July 9 - Cape Tormentine - Old Ferry Location
Only three showed up to paddle at the Cape.  The weather was good; light winds with comfortable warm temperatures.  The only thing against us was the current.  On the flip side, the current was with us.

July 13 - Aboiteau Wharf
Six of us showed up for a great paddle, with great weather.  12.3km – no rush.  As the crow flies, we paddled from one side of Cap-Pele to the other.

July 17 - Kouchibouguac Grey Seal Adventure
We had a Baker’s dozen show up for this paddle, and before I go on, yes we did see some seals.  They weren’t as casual as last year, and we couldn’t get close before they took to the water, but we had beautiful weather for a paddle.  - 15km
Seal Hunters
Bruce & DonAndre and his boat-in-a-bagBruce
Them be seals in the backgroundThem be seals in the background causing the splashingLunch