Atlantic Kayak Association
2006 Trip Reports & Pictures

July 05 - Shediac River from Shediac Bridge
You missed a good one.  The current was with us heading up river, and the light wind made it comfortable.  Seven turned out for this tranquil paddle of just shy of 15km.  Beautiful scenery, great conditions, and no hurries or worries.
Don completing a roll.
Don rolling.OK, it's calm!Reflections.

July 08 – Petit Cap
Considering it was a beautiful day, we only had 4 people show up for this 13.5km paddle.  They must have been all mowing their lawns.  The four of us paddled for total of about 2.5 hours, starting in a westerly direction (into the slight breeze).  Lots of beautiful shoreline along here, unfortunately it’s been discovered by cottage and home owners that are worried about the sandstone cliffs eroding and have dumped boulders along the banks to keep their property.

July 12 - Buctouche Dunes - North End - Saint Edouard de Kent
Four of us showed up for this little paddle.  There was no wind, but the waves were, well interesting.
Oops!Bruce is back!I said the waves were interesting.

July 15 - Circumnavigate Cocagne Island
We had five show up for this leisurely paddle.  You couldn’t have asked for better weather.
A new feature is the track (as taken from my GPS and overlaid on Google Earth).
GPS Track
Cave formation

July 19 - Circumnavigate Shediac Island
We had 9 paddlers for this outing.  The weather was cooperative, and the water was warm.  Even the jellyfish were cooperating!
We stopped about half-way into the 11.3km paddle to give people a chance to stretch and take a dip, if so desired.
GPS Track